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Leicester Circuits LTD has an enviable reputation for working with a huge range of production materials whose applications range from domestic lighting through to the most sophisticated aerospace products. The Company’s products range from the simple FR-4 board to complex metal backed printed circuits.

Leicester Circuits LTD has considerable experience in manufacturing metal backed PCBs using metals such as aluminium and copper and offer very competitive pricing. Metal backed PCBs can be manufactured with aluminium or copper metal in various thicknesses and with a choice of solder mask and legend colours. Final profiling of metal backed circuits can be routed, supplied as individual circuits or supplied in a v-cut panel.


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Core Products
Conventional - Double and single sided - Plated Through Hole (PTH)
Multilayers - 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 layers
Metal backed - Copper, Aluminium
Metal core - Copper, Aluminium

Production Options
Manufacture of Low to Medium volumes at competitive prices in Leicester
Manufacture of ultra competitive high volumes in China
Quality and delivery 100% underwritten by Leicester Circuits
Flexible, multi image capability enabling nesting of part numbers within a production format ensuring cost effective manufacture

Capability Overview
Base Materials: FR4, Polyimide
Specialist materials from: Arlon, Rogers, Taconic, Thermaggon, Ventec
Maximum Board Size: 813mm x 584mm
Number of Layers: 32
Maximum Board Thickness: 6.4mm +/- 10% - Minimum Board Thickness: 0.05mm +/- 10%
Maximum Copper Weight: 12oz (Finished) - Minimum Conductor Width: 0.125mm - Minimum Conductor Space: 0.125mm
Minimum Via Hole Size: 0.2mm (drilled) - Maximum Drilled Hole Size: 6.35mm
Minimum Router Diameter: 0.60mm (preferred = 2.40mm)

Surface Finishes
HASL (Pb free or Pb), OSP, Silver, Nickel/Gold, Tin, Nickel/Palladium/Gold, Carbon

Specialist applications
Metal core - Isolated or connected
Multi-layer Metal backed - Mixed materials
Bond heat generating devises direct to metal back

Leicester Circuits LTD has been working closely with manufacturers of LED based products for nearly a decade. Architectural and industrial lighting designers have been migrating to LED technology, abandoning traditional lamps or bulbs because of the lower production and installation costs.

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